Sunday, April 25, 2010

TV Review: Party Down

Alright, time for another review. I received a comment on Friday saying "MORE REVIEWS" and since I hadn't posted in 36 hours, it was completely legitimate to demand more work from me. Oh wait, I worked until 10pm on both Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so I'm sorry that my inability to crank out a review every day prevented you from properly procrastinating.

Anyway, I'm sitting here while my roommate watches Skins (not reviewing it now, but perhaps soon) and I'm gorging myself on Fritos and A&W. Pretty sweet, except for the fact that the weather here in basically like that Helen Hunt movie where her dad's death at the hands of a tornado prompts her to spend her life hunting twisters. Sort of like Moby Dick, but instead of powerful literature it's a movie with the chick from Dr T. and the Women. And instead of a legendary whale, she's personifying weather.

Ok! Skins is over. Time to put on some Party Down while I write about Party Down. This is an incredibly meta moment, which is an expression I use quite indiscriminately and might not even apply to what's happening right now.

The bottom line is that I love this show, and here's why.

1. It's on Starz, so there's plenty of sex, drugs, swearing, and nudity. This is better that tv without those things. This is science.

2. Jane Lynch has a starring role and she's my favorite part of the show. Unfortunately, she left the show for Glee, but that led her to being replaced by Jennifer Coolidge and then Megan Mullally. That is one cougar pack of awesome. Or I guess, cougar pride of awesome.

3. It's friggin' funny. Like, this funny:

So, everyone should watch this show. It's good satire and there's all of the dirty stuff I mentioned before. To give some perspective on my tastes, here are some things I hate irrationally (in no particular order):

1. The ending(s) of The Return of the King. They're so unnecessary. I've already sat through three hours of the damn movie, I only require some basic closure. Jesus.

2. Rihanna's vocal performance on the song Unfaithful. I generally like her, but on this song she sounds like a cat with diarrhea. Also, the song's message is gross.

3. Ugg boots that are worn as a fashion statement. If you're trying to be trendy, it's not working. If you're trying to prevent frostbite, go for it. Crocs are in a similar category, except there isn't a weather-related justification.

4. This clown-face:

5. Running out of funny ideas for a post because I'm too bloated with Frito's farts.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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  1. You legitimately said basically nothing about Party Down in this whole post.