Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Album Review: Achin' and Shakin'

Alright, this is my first rant-based adventure into a piece of pop culture that isn't common to most people. Laura Bell Bundy, just today, released her debut album: Achin' and Shakin'. Ms. Bundy starred as Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde Musical and then decided, like most struggling blondes in the music industry, to go country. If there's one thing the country genre needs, it's another young blonde. It needs it like a stereo to the head.

Mean Girls separation anxiety. I'm gay.

Speaking of gay, this CD IS SO GAY! Aka even though this disc isn't terribly original, it's sassy, catchy, and therefore I like it. I'm easy to please. If I could draw a picture about this CD, it would look like this:

Thanks, internet, for the assist on that one. Also, I would probably replace the word "war" with "bad chimichangas" or something similar. And since this is a country album, I would dress the dancing naked men in chaps and cowboy hats.

So, I recommend this cd. I think you have to be able to stomach a bit of cheese, especially with the lead single: Giddy on Up. I would go into detail, but I think the music video says it all.

Note the following:

1. Bitch clearly has a Broadway background
2. The old west had cell phones?
3. If you jump out of the second story of a window, you will look hotter and gain the ability to shoot the clothes off of people. Ergo, everyone should go jump out of a second-story window. The fine people at Kellogg University should go the extra mile and jump out of a six-story window. I'm bitter.

So, you can see the campy value of this song. For those of you who condescend to that video, fortunately there are more mature songs. The "achin" half of the album, contains thoughtful lyrics and adept singing. I mean, she was on Broadway so she's definitely not Swifting through the material. (TSwizz, I love you, but singing is not your forte) Most of the other songs on the "shakin" half are a bit more subdued than Giddy on Up. Nevertheless, if there were a gay country cd, this would be it. Plus that time I just said "subdued" was a lie and most of the songs are just as tranny fabtastic as the lead. That's a really big compliment. "Beyonce" is even a lyric in the song Rebound, which is not about basketball. Although given my gayness (has that been mentioned enough?), I probably wouldn't know if it were about the sport.

Song: Blah blah blah basketball metaphor
Me: Oh, this a jaunty reference to that delightful pastime, dribbleball. Hey brain, give me a visual of the sport...


Rating: 4/5 stars

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