Sunday, May 2, 2010

TV Review: Friday Night Lights

Ok, so I promise a movie review is coming this week. It probably seems like I watch a million tv shows and don't do anything else, but that is only about 85% accurate. In the meantime, here's ANOTHER tv review.

So, I spent a lot of time today sitting on my couch and watching Netflix Streaming. For anyone who doesn't have Netflix, get it RIGHT NOW because Netflix Streaming is quickly becoming the greatest thing of all time. All seven seasons of Buffy are on Netflix Streaming so the assgroove on my couch is slowly going to get permanent. Anyway, when I wasn't supplementing my daily calorie intake with root beer I was watching Friday Night Lights. Friday Night Lights is frigging awesome and that fact surprised me quite a bit. Here's why I was apprehensive:

1. It takes place in rural Texas. I would probably get murdered there.
2. It's about football, which means it's not about eating and therefore is outside of my wheelhouse.
3. It airs on NBC, which is only good at comedies. Name a good drama. I dare you. The Biggest Loser doesn't count because it's reality tv.

However, this show is great. LIST TIME! Here are the good things:

1. It's really more of a family/high school drama. Did you hear that? High school drama.
2. To clarify my last point, there are irresponsible teenagers who are sexually promiscuous. Vicarious is the first word that comes into my mind.
3. Tim Riggins.
4. Connie Britton is probably the greatest actress on TV, so I'm praying my opinion of her doesn't change when I watch the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.
5. I actually know things about football, thank you very much. Watch this: touchdown, field goal, first down, interception, tackle, pigskin, snap, lineman, etc. BOOYAH. This isn't like the sport stick disc where all I can think is "net guardian" and "puck transfer."

I've come this far without putting a picture in the post. I guess this will have to be a non sequitur because I'm only running on root beer and chicken crispies.

FROG CAT TO THE RESCUE! Aka rescuing this post from being completely blah.

I think this might be the listiest list post of all time, so bear with one more list. Let me list the things that I would do to convince you to watch Friday Night Lights. List. List List. List.

1. Defecate on the personal property of someone you greatly dislike.
2. Swear off shorts unless I get some serious amounts of sun exposure.
3. Fold your laundry. This might not seem like much, but given that I'll sleep next to my unfolded laundry for weeks this is a big deal.
4. Edit a long paper that you're writing because I have really good editing skills and can easily pick up on even the smallest of errors or help with your sentence structure because good clear succinct sentences are the best.
5. Write you some customized, sassy one-liners to bust out at any point. "Wow, your current outfit makes crocs with socks look fashionable." "I would rather poop a baseball than continue this current conversation with you." "Ha. I wouldn't eat that even if it were drenched in nacho cheese." Yeah, just imagine how good they'll be when I put effort into them.

So, please watch this show or you'll have to face the wrath of PSYCHO KITTY

Who wants to see this guy and Frog Cat duke it out? Maybe that'll be my next Pitch Idea post.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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