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Top 100 Songs: 91-100

CSR Top 100

Well, I'm finally doing it. I'm release a list of my Top 100 songs. Here's a brief disclaimer. The criteria for this list is simply my reaction to the song. I played through my iTunes and found about 500 songs that created a short list. Then I went song-by-song to see how I responded to each tune. Based on that, I created this list. I've created so many Top 10 lists that incorporate objectivity. This list is 100% subjective because the only criteria is how I feel. Per usual, I limited the list to one song per artist (with a single exception that I will explain later) and if you've seen some of my other lists, you'll notice a few changes here. If a song tops a previous list I've made and doesn't appear here, it's because that list was trying to be more objective. This list is honest and true to my favorite songs. For each song, I'll try to write a bit about why I like it or why it beat out other songs by that artist. Many musicians had several songs I considered. I thought about disregarding how many songs I choose per artist, but the "one song" thing is a neurotic tick I can't shake. I guess that means the list isn't 100% subjective because that list would have like 20 Prince/Britney Spears songs, but I thought that was a bit boring.

Another thing is the "Almost Picked" bit. For a song, if it fits a particular niche or the artist had several to choose from, I'll mention a song that almost took its place. This will show what might have been on a list that included more songs and/or more songs per artist. Not every song will feature this, but many will. If I don't list an artist with the "Almost Picked" song, it's by the same artist as my choice for the official list.

100. Dreaming With a Broken Heart-John Mayer

If you had asked me a year ago if John Mayer would make the list, I would have laughed. Generally, I find his work very uniform and unoriginal. Yet, something about this song just pierces my soul. This is an example of how seeing a song interpreted can add new meaning. It was featured in a So You Think You Can Dance routine and I've been crazy about it ever since.

Favorite Lyric: "Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?"

99. As Long As You Love Me-Backstreet Boys

Well, I Want It That Way almost made the list in its place. Yet, this song has always secretly been my favorite despite I Want It That Way's mass appeal and epic key change. I think it's the message. Love conquers all obstacles.

Favorite Lyric: The chorus, duh.

Almost Picked: I Want It That Way

98. Lose Control-Missy Elliot Featuring Fat Man Slim

Much like the "love conquers all" line, I tend to like songs with messages that are universal truths. Simple, pure, honest messages tend to get me more that clever metaphor. Granted, this isn't a universal truth with respect to this list, but it applies to many songs. This one included. Music makes you lose control. If a song hasn't made you laugh or cry, then you're a robot. This message is also packaged into a sweet dance song. Love the beat. Love Ciara's bit. Awesome.

Favorite Lyric: Rump shakin' both ways make ya do a double take

Almost Picked: Get Ur Freak On

97. Stupid Cupid-Connie Francis

This song is a bit of a surprise. It made my top 500 list on a bit of a whim, and each time I made cuts it survived. When I whittled my list down to the top 100, and it was still there. I made some changes to the initial list, and still kept Stupid Cupid. So, here it is. I think I like this song because, honestly, I've had a good deal of crushes that I just wanted to get over. Plus I think Connie Francis has a great voice.

Favorite Lyric: "The thing that bothers me is that I like it fine."

96. Angels-Robbie Williams

I like spiritual songs that don't hit you over the head with metaphor. FORESHADOWING! This song is beautiful and I strongly believe it's about healing from heartbreak. This is another theme that will permeate my list.

Favorite Lyric: She offers me protection/A lotta love and affection/Whether I'm right or wrong

95. You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift

Unrequited love. Riha list theme number whatever. Plus I have a lot of respect for Swift because she writes her songs and plays a few instruments. Oh, and she's only eighteen. Way to make my life seem like a waste.

Favorite Lyric: "Dreaming bout the day when you wake up and find that what you're looking for has been here the whole time."

Almost Picked: Fifteen

94. And So it Goes-Billy Joel

I think songs I associate with Relay have a leg up, and this is one of them. Every year (or at least the years I've been on the WU Relay committee) an a cappella group performed this song during the Luminaria ceremony. It's beautiful, haunting, and sad.

Favorite lyric: And everytime I held a rose it seems I only felt the thorns

93. Flaws and All-Beyonce

This was a tough one. I love Beyonce, and I knew I wanted her on here. If you saw my Top 20 songs list, you'll notice Single Ladies was on it. If you've seen my Top 10 Beyonce songs, you'll note Irreplaceable is number one. Yet, when it came to this list, I couldn't shake my feeling that I liked this song better than those two. Even crazier: My second choice from Beyonce wasn't either of those songs...either.

Favorite Lyric: "Every now and then without warning I can be really mean towards you."

Almost Picked: Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)

92. You're So Vain-Carly Simon

I love female artists. I love this song's acoustic vibe. I love how unabashedly honest the lyrics are. I feel sad for the subject of this, but since I've listened to this song with particular people in mind, I can't guilt myself too much otherwise I'm a hypocrite. Holla.

Favorite Lyric: "I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee."

91. Don't Know Why-Norah Jones

I have a thing for female artists. I don't know why. It's definitely not based on physical attraction. But there's something about the female voice that I find more captivating than the male's. I especially love voices with depth and character. To me, it's more important for a performance to be emotional and honest than technically proficient. I think that's why I like Norah Jones so much. Her voice is so bluesy and soothing and this song fits her tone perfectly.

Favorite Lyric: "Instead of kneeling in the sand catching teardrops in my hand."

Almost Picked: Turn Me On

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