Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome to Riha Reviews!

Hello everyone.

So, I like to review things. I started as a sophomore when I was contracted by my boss to write reviews for a professional website based in California. Essentially, I brought in a particularly nasty review of The Break Up and she thought it was funny. So, I've been on and off reviewing things ever since. I don't think I'm a very talented writer, but I do enjoy writing about TV/movies/music a great deal. This is where you come in. I'd like to review your requests. I can't promise to review every request I get, but I'd like to stretch my horizons by expressing my opinions on new media that others suggest for me. You can leave a comment with your request in any place on this blog.

Periodically, I will post a docket. This docket will show what reviews are on the horizon so you can see if your request is coming. I like to post the initials or user name of the person making a request. Should I receive multiple requests, I will honor the recognize the original requester. Sometimes I review things without a request because I'm already interested. I've already populated this site with a good deal of content, so hopefully you can see my thoughts on something you're already familiar with!

Docket 7/17/09

Kings of Leon (DI)
Jordin Sparks, Battlefield (Riha)
Wilco (EAN)
Julie & Julia (ALR)
More to Love Premiere (ALR)

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  1. If you feel the need to listen to some Jazz ... Matt Cusson by Matt Cusson (he's also easy on the eyes).

    Or my least favorite type of album, when a Broadway singer tries to make a pop album ... Superhero by Shoshana Bean.