Monday, July 6, 2009

Single Review: Obsessed

To be honest, I was surprised when I heard Mariah Carey was releasing another album. My last memories of Ms. Carey involve her stubbornly refusing to promote the divine I Stay in Love so she could galavant around the globe with her husband/jailbait. Not that I was bitter about that song's lack of success or something.

Well, that's in the past. Mariah is back, allegedly not pregnant, and releasing a new album. Her lead single, Obsessed, should be comforting for fans of R&B Mariah and disappointing for fans of "I can actually sing" Mariah. It's in the same vein as many of the songs on her most recent discs, The Emancipation of Mimi and E=MC^2. There's a nice groove and her voice glides through the track without expending a great deal of effort. Although I find the track pleasant to listen to, it doesn't jump out as anything particularly new or exciting from Mariah. I suppose the horse isn't dead yet, no matter how much she beats it.

That being said, I smirk at the thought that the song is geared towards Eminem. The lyrics, to me, are the one thing that raise this single above R&B Mariah's other songs (provided the Eminem references are true). If the allusions to Slim Shady are false, then the song comes across as a bit self-indulgent and arrogant. However, I choose to believe in Mariah's spiteful side. Besides, if someone lied and said they peed on me, I would fight back. I think that's what Mariah is doing

Rating: 2.5/5 stars.

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