Saturday, June 19, 2010

Six Shows You Need to Watch


Ok now that most people have less to do (or have a full-time job but deliberately become lazier), I think it's a prime opportunity for my readers to find a new TV show to enjoy. Sure, you could be sitting outside and enjoying the nice weather, getting tan, catching up on reading a book...OR YOU COULD BE DESTROYING YOUR MIND GRAPES WITH DELICIOUS TV!!! It is my hope that you choose the last option. So, to get you started, here are my suggestions under various parameters.

Goal: Oh HAY what's a funny show I can watch with minimal brain commitment?

Well, my first recommendation is Better Off Ted. Why, you ask?

1. It's hilarious
2. It only lasted two short seasons, so you'll get through it quickly
3. Most people never watched it, so I'm guessing you didn't. Ergo, it will be new for you.
4. Portia de Rossi proves yet again that she has an impeccable sense of TV quality and a "John Goodman Stool Sample" sense of commercial viability. PS I don't know if John Goodman is still alive, but if he isn't then my bad because that last statement was in poor taste.

WATCH IT NOW. The first season is on Netflix streaming, so it's really easy to track down.

Goal: Kthnkx Riha, but I want something that is popular enough that I'll be able to talk about it in social settings.

Hmm, well then you'd better get on board with de Rossi's other sitcom: Arrested Development. It's one of the most critically acclaimed series of the last decade, yet it wasn't that popular during its brief, 2.5 season run. However, it has become quite popular on DVD and many people that didn't give a shit about it five years ago now praise it as genius. I know. I'm one of those people. The only downside is that fans of the show tend to be sort of pompous. I know. I'm one of those pompous fans.

"Hey look at me! I watched Arrested Development! It's a show that was very smart! And very funny! I watched it! So I am smart! And very funny! Yay me!"

If that annoys you, just pray two Arrested Development fans don't meet each other and get started on the subject. I won't even play out that conversation because I might trigger some Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in my readers.

If you're not bothered by your inevitable future as "that guy/girl/tranny who won't shut up about Arrested Development," go for it. But it's worth it, because the show is that smart and funny. Trust me. I watch it. And I'm that guy.

Goal: LOL OK Riha, but what about a show that is still on the air, is super funny, and I won't be a douche for liking?

Well, I already wrote a review that waxed poetic about Modern Family, so I won't belabor that hilarious, well written, Arrested Development-esque point. And I think 30 Rock is in the same vein of that high quality/self-congratulatory Arrested Development fandom as, know. Instead, I would steer your attention towards Parks and Recreation. Parks and Rec is a show that has blossomed, quite dramatically, in its second season. Sure, it wasn't that great starting off. But this season the writers have really gotten a strong sense of their characters and Amy Poehler is outstanding as the lovably awkward Leslie Knope. Give it a chance. I guess I'd recommend powering through the first season, but honestly you'd probably be ok just reading a plot synopsis and starting with season two. I said it.

Goal: Whoopdey Whoop, Riha! But now that my funny bone is tickled, what should I do? Are there any good dramas out thurrrr?

Well you may be surprised to learn this, BUT I LOVE DRAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! So I have some suggestions. First off, for those wanting a quick one season catch-up, I suggest The Good Wife. I know what you're thinking.

"Um The Good Wife is on CBS. Isn't that station for people who are over 65 and have terrible taste in television?"

Yes, it is usually, but The Good Wife (and How I Met Your Mother...and perhaps some other shows I don't watch because I sort of hate CBS) is an exception. It's a gripping legal drama, but also has family drama...and sexy political drama...and the chick from Mamma Mia who played the cougar. Yep, there's a lotta "ands" in that sentence. It's supremely well acted, and I can say that since it was a Tuesday night Tivo show, I frequently got around to watching it before I got around to watching Glee. THERE, EAT THAT.

Goal: Aiight, but is that really the best drama on TV? I mean you did say it was on CBS...

Ok, I admit. The Good Wife would not get my vote for the single best drama on TV. I've written about this show before, but since it doesn't have Modern Family's ratings, I will write again because I want this show to have an audience. Everyone ever should watch Friday Night Lights. I think I know why this show is struggling. It's premise seems designed for people who will struggle to receive a GED by age 35, yet in actuality it's a show so smart and heartfelt that it's really designed for people with a higher level of education. Luckily, most Friday Night Lights fans will never describe the show in such an arrogant fashion, so you don't have to worry about encountering tons of dbags who poop compliments talking about the show. You just have to worry about that with me.

Goal: Alright, well I'm willing to make a serious commitment to a classic show. What must I watch?

BUFFY. THE. VAMPIRE. SLAYER. It's on DVD. It's on Netflix Streaming. Sometimes I think about the show whenever You'll Be in My Heart comes on iTunes and pretend the show is singing to me. Yeah. That's how crazy I am. About the show, that is.

So heed my advice, then you can feel the way this nice lady does.

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