Sunday, June 6, 2010

Movie Review: MacGruber

Ok, after seeing Sex and the City 2 I needed to have a good laugh. Since I have a weakness for poop/dick jokes, I figured MacGruber would be a good catharsis. Sure, it's been out for about two weeks and its box office performance is abysmal, but since it was mathematically impossible to be worse than SATC2, I went. Yes. Mathematically impossible. I learned that in math major class.

I think MacGruber has a very specific brand of humor, so therefore only certain groups of people will enjoy the film. Personally, I had a good time. I didn't have a great time, but I laughed at a lot of jokes that will certainly offend many others. If you're considering the film, I'm going to describe some of people that I think will enjoy the film and those that will not. Pay close attention and try to discern if this film is right for you.

People who should avoid MacGruber:

1. Anyone who reads The New Yorker regularly. I read one of their movie reviews and the first sentence included the word "munificence." I'd imagine someone that enjoys that probably wouldn't enjoy a movie that includes the term "face vagina." Casual reading of the occasional New Yorker article still renders you eligible, but you should drink first. Munificently. Thanks, Google dictionary!

2. People over the age of 40. There was a lone man in the theater who was around 40 years old. It was frightening--much scarier that the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, but not as scary as Sarah Jessica Parker's face in SATC2. Anyway, if you're over 40 chances are you won't get/appreciate the subtle word play of this cinematic triumph.

3. The main villain's name is Cunth. If you had to reread that to get the joke, then you should just go away now. If you thought it was funny before getting to the second sentence of this section, then there's hope for you.

4. At any point in your life, have you dressed like this?

If so, MacGruber isn't for you, because this came from a Google image search for "lame nerd."

5. Anyone that owns a poodle. That's science.

People who will enjoy MacGruber:

1. Have you ever taken a poop and wanted to photograph it and show it off? Obviously you didn't because you have some social grace, but the thought crossed you mind. See MacGruber.

2. If I said there were a gag that involved celery being place in someone's anus, how would you feel? Not terrible? See MacGruber.

3. Does this picture make you smile at all? If yes, see MacGruber.

4. I really have no evidence to support this, but I suspect if you've had Taco Bell in the last two weeks, you are apt to enjoy MacGruber. Again, just a hunch. A LUNCH HUNCH?!? Ugh I'm already sorry for typing that, but find it easier to just keep typing than to go back and erase it.

5. If you've ever actually said the phrase "sucking dick" aloud, I highly recommend this film.

So in conclusion, this movie is silly fun. Not earth shattering, but you might walk around with the image of Kristin Wiig's ridiculous MacGruber fetal position coffee house scene in your head. And if that last sentence isn't a great sales pitch for the film, I don't know what is.

Rating: 3/5 stars


  1. All of those things under the list for "People who will enjoy MacGruber" are things that I have said, done, or thought. Apparently I need to see this movie.

  2. i didn't know there were people that didn't regularly use the phrase "sucking dick"...

  3. i ate taco bell for dinner tonight, no joke. soooo i guess it's time for me to see this movie.