Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 Non-Singles of 2009

Here are ten songs that weren't released as singles in the United States (some were released abroad) that I think are worth considering. Enjoy!

10. Outta My Head-Leona Lewis
A different sound from our British diva. Clearly Max Martin is still a genius.

9. Revelry-Kings Of Leon
Simply beautiful. A softer side to these rockers.

8. No-Brad Paisley
A poignant life lesson condensed into a four minute song.

7. Cry Me Out-Pixie Lott
Britain's latest successor to the Winehouse throne. She has an exquisite voice.

6. In For The Kill-La Roux
Definitely counts for not being released stateside. Also, Bulletproof just barely missed my singles list.

5. Amaneci Sin Ti-Paulina Rubio
An interesting new look at a breakup.

4. When The Night-Annie
Considering Annie's reputation for sassy europop, this is a surprisingly tender moment. She pulls it off.

3. Untouchable-Taylor Swift
This could be a single someday. I think she'll have another huge hit with this one.

2. Bad Boys-Alexandra Burke
This song could be on my singles list next year. Allegedly it's hitting the USA come 2010. Watch out.

1. The House That Built Me-Miranda Lambert
The best song on the best CD of the year.

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