Monday, September 7, 2009

Single Review: Bad Boys

A wise man once said, "Flo Rida. Why does everything you touch turn to gold?" Well, I'm not quite sure how long Mr. Rida's Midas Touch will last, but it's in full effect on Bad Boys, the debut single from Alexandra Burke. Alexandra is the most recent winner of the X Factor and is being pimped as the next Leona Lewis. In other words, Simon Cowell and company are pushing her like the rent's due tomorrow. Luckily for them, I think she'll deliver.

Alexandra has an incredible voice. On the show, she tackled epic ballads ranging from You Are So Beautiful to Hallelujah, her winning single. On Bad Boys, she's basically flipped the bird to her trademark and just wants to make people dance. I would take issue with that if this track weren't so damn catchy. The chorus is incredibly infectious, the beat is irresistible, and in spite of (or perhaps due to)the lack of showboating, Alexandra does sounds great.

There isn't much to say lyrically. Alexandra is attracted to bad boys and isn't afraid of danger. Although the subject matter doesn't seem unique, it is exciting to see the X Factor songstress recast herself as a dangerous dancehall diva. I have extremely high hopes for her debut CD and this single is a large part of that. Will she adhere to this dangerous image? Will she return to her ballad roots? Will Flo Rida ever stop making hits? Only time will tell.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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